Why Pray?

Perhaps it is because folk recognise some absence, some incompleteness in their lives and in their living that they begin to seek for that which they perceive to be missing, even though they may not know what that is!

Jesus Christ knew how important prayer was. He often made time to go away alone in order to pray to his Heavenly Father, gathering strength in this encounter for his work of ministry and mission.

He taught his followers, his disciples, the following prayer:

      Our Father in heaven,
      hallowed be your name,
      your kingdom come,
      your will be done,
      on earth as in heaven.
      Give us today our daily bread.
      Forgive us our sins
      as we forgive those who sin against us.
      Do not bring us to the time of trial,
      but deliver us from evil.
      For the kingdom, the power,
      and the glory are yours,
      now and for ever. Amen

Because of how important prayer clearly was for Christ, so his followers try also to make a space for prayer in their lives.