In Touch

This is our very informative Church Magazine, published six times a year. It is available free of charge. A paper copy can be collected from the church, or it can be downloaded from here. The website edition occasionally has extra colour photographs and pages.

These copies of In Touch are in PDF format. Some browsers may require Abode Reader to read this format. If you do not have it, you can download it, free. Click/tap HERE.

To download or read a copy of In Touch, please click/tap on the issue required. A new tab or window will open:

When emailing articles for inclusion in ‘In Touch’ it would be very helpful if you could use the following formats:

Paper size: A4.

Photographs: In colour, JPG format.
        Separately and Hi-Res if possible.

Main Headings: Arial Font, 22 point, Normal.

Sub Headings: Arial Font, 16 point, Bold.

Body text: Arial Font, 16 point, normal.

This is so that the text is readable when reduced to an A5 booklet in the printing process. Thank you.

Please submit articles to:

In Touch - Typical Cover

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