Sunday Circle

Sunday Circle is the children’s ministry at St Mary's. It meets in the Church Hall at 10.30 am on Sundays during term time, joining the Sung Eucharist in church at the Offertory hymn. We would normally recommend that anyone coming to Sunday Circle should wear older clothes as, although there are protective shirts for their clothes, there is a chance they may get a bit mucky/painted.

We currently have two regular leaders at Sunday Circle - Mandy and Claire. We also have a few members of the congregation who are willing to help.

Link to 'Spill the Beans' WebsiteWe are presently using material called Spill the Beans - developed in Scotland to fit in with the liturgy in church, so what the children experience in Sunday Circle is based on what the readings are in the main service. We listen to the story and then explore it using different activities such as games, making clay models, painting, candle-making, drawing and dramatical re-enactments of Bible stories. There is also a snack time each week which everyone seem to love!

Here is Claire's view of Sunday Circle:

food treasure“I often think faith is like a treasure chest which we are given to live out of and use every day, yes, bits will get broken or lost, but God would rather we used it and lived it than we just carried it around and kept it safe. If we carry the treasure chest around and just take an occasional look inside it will be heavy and hard work, but if we wear its contents, it is light, beautiful and fun; other people will see it and wonder at it and we can help them to see they have a treasure chest and encourage them to open it and live out of it!

This is what we try to do at Sunday Circle. We like to give everyone an experience of God, so we look at a passage or story and help to draw out what everyone knows about it and then explore it more deeply using different media – art, drama, eating, games. Our priority is to invite the children into agold treasure prayerful experience, to become more deeply aware of God's relationship with them in every aspect of their life, rather than “tell” anyone what to believe. We hope Sunday Circle is a fun way to discover who God is and encourage different ways of relating to God, as every person is unique we each have a unique relationship with God.

So, I invite you to see the treasure chest God has given you, open it wide and wear everything in it – if you lose anything, don't worry someone else will find it and it might lead them to find their treasure chest, I don't think anything is ever lost to God!“

Safeguarding Policy

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